Monday, February 8, 2016

Dispatch 25: HMS Video Featured at CaliperMusic Blog!

John and Sammy of HMS.
Dispatch 25: We are very excited that the video for Her Majesty theE Spleen's track called Aunt Anxious was the featured video of the day on the CaliperMusic blog last Sat. Feb 6, 2016. John Middle of the Spleen (and ACME House of Music in Oakland) is at it again with some really intense psychedelic visuals accompanying the track recorded in early Jan. at HMS HQ by Emery Bored. There sure is plenty more where that came from on his Youtube channel and also here at soundcloud!
 Look out for some Her Majesty theE Spleen hitting the MCL bandcamp page later in the year.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dispatch 24: Solar Max at Bay Area Band Show

Dispatch 24: Waking up to the sun shining brightly and the birds'a singing, we thought what a cool way to spend this afternoon, heading across the San Francisco bay to record a podcast with Steve O'Sullivan and his Bay Area Band Show,
  We talked about all kinds of stuff from what got us into music to how we make this music, technically speaking. Also touched on a bunch of other things that we have going on with the band, the album and the record label.
 Steve has been a huge fan of music his whole life, and as he was wondering how he could pursue these musical fascinations for himself and his children, his podcast was born. He doesn't play an instrument or sing but he does have the curiosity bug and the love of music. So the connection. The bridge. The Bay Area Band Show. Artists love to talk about ourselves and our projects and Steve loves to listen and learn! A match made in his garage studio. We talked for about an hour then wrapped it up. We are only his third band to come in and chat and he's in the process of putting a few podcasts together before going live on iTunes. We can't wait, Steve!
 He's also interested in talking with anyone about possibly being on his show so if you're interested, hit him up at, he would dig that!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Dispatch 23: Heather Caught in Palace Catfight!

Heather Salazar of Solar Max and Palace catfight owning the bass!
Dispatch 23: We have started re-mixing a few Palace Catfight (a project of Heather's) tracks to be included on the Music for closetLames sampler this spring. Look for a sneak peek on our soundcloud page coming up very soon.
 Palace Catfight is a project Heather has worked on and off for many yrs. Vocalizing over loopy analog beats that we've created together with an old keyboard rhythm thing along with screamin gtr and bass.  Lyrics about confusion, defiance and chaos. Rhythms reminiscent of Sleaford Mods in their repeatative nature.
 Watch for this, its gonna kick-ass!

Monday, January 4, 2016

Dispatch 22: Solar Max on Feel Guide Comp Vol.5 by Caliper Music Blog

Dispatch 22: Solar Maximum is on the new Feel Guide Comp Vol.5 (with killer artwork by Zena) put out by the experimental music blog Caliper Music at their Bandcamp store. We are in very good company on this comp with the likes of Comfort Food, a really interesting track by Feather Beds, a Conrad Burnham track and so much more. If your interested, its a free download.
 We are also on the DroningEarth #73 Comp released by the Droning Earth Blog late last year, and its also a free download.
 Both of these blogs have lots to look at and discover. Caliper Music leans more towards the more experimental music side of life, while Droning Earth leans towards the darker, metal and experimental side of life. Solar Max is very happy to inhabit all sides of life!

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Dispatch 21: El Pipe in studio with Solar Maximum!

El Pipe, Sammy and Heather after the session.
Dispatch 21:We had a great time in the (home) studio when El Pipe (Zoe') came by to hang out and add drums to some previously recorded Solar Max. A really great way to cap off 2015.
 After rolling thru a few times and then lunch, Heather and I strapped on the basses, Pipe climbed behind the kit (thanks Steve M.) for a Solar Maximum event. Epic! Felt good to jam with my old pal. Heather was in classic form.
 Look for these recordings to become available later this year at our Bandcamp page and all the usual digital music stores.
El Pipe and Heather laying it down at MCLscreenworks.


Monday, December 21, 2015

Dispatch 20: HMS "Sight Unseen" and "Advice for Young People" Videos are off the Hook!!

Dispatch 20: Not recommended for those with weak hearts or those weak at heart! Her Majesty theE Spleen making it intense with "Sight Unseen" and "Advice for Young People", a couple of psychedelic romps thru the nether worlds of our consciousness. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. (Repeat 4x then repeat).
Watch in HD for full effect...
 HMS is a music and art collective based in Oakland Ca., more specifically, at ACME House of Music. Spleen metamorphed in 2012  with myself, John Middle, Steve Moriarty and Ronzoni Calzone. Nowadays, Walter Nix inhabits most Spleen sessions. We record most of our open jams and then pull the "nuggets." John then takes those mixes and "spleens "them or processes them to become the HMS sound. We had one of the largest soundcloud uploaded track count last year, resulting in over a gig of music!
2016 is gonna be a fun year for HMS and MCL with plans in the works for a release or two! -Sammy

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Dispatch 19: SOLAR MAX on DroningEarth #73 Compilation album!

Dispatch 19: We are really excited to be included on the DroningEarth blog's yearly compilation of doom metal, ambient, experimental et al bands from around the world called DroningEarth #73. The moment is called A Large White Bird Bearing a Message. Its available at the DroningEarth Bandcamp page as a free download! Thanks to Vesa for inviting us to include a song. Our album "Event I:uranian fire" also got a nice mention on the blog, "...enchanting improvised minimalism, 2 bass guitars crawling sweetly."
 DroningEarth, based in Northern Europe, is a really cool blog that really has a finger on the pulse of heavy, dark music from all over the lands. Check them out when you get a chance. Humanity will be better for it.