Monday, July 25, 2016

Dispatch 43: 'Soundtrack: Event I Uranian Fire' LP by Solar Maximum available on Vinyl now!

Dispatch 43: Music for closetLames is excited to announce that "Soundtrack: Event I - Uranian Fire" (MCL343) by Solar Maximum is now available for purchase on 12" vinyl at our label Bandcamp store, and at Mod Lang Records in El Cerrito, CA.

 The limited run of only 143 numbered pieces with the beautiful 11"x17" poster insert come housed in very special hand-printed jackets.
 The ultimate drone lords have offered up a complete DIY package here. The ambient, experimental psychedelic music on the record was conceived, composed, recorded, mixed, and produced by Sammy and Heather. They also conceived, produced, hand-printed, and assembled the covers and poster insert. Aaaand, they are also working the release and promotion of the album. Some help came from Matt Kelley for mastering and Pirates Press for vinyl pressing. Just the way they like it. The band says: We do this kinda stuff because we believe there is value in the hand-produced aspect of our releases, and we enjoy all of the various aspects of the project. We think it's cool that each of these records is unique and we both had our hands on every single one of them.  It makes these pieces really personal.
This is Sammy and Heather to the max!

  The album has already been described this way:

 "This is an incredible piece of work as it is so zoned in as a total concept. It is full on, flat out and limber. It is the maxiumus of solaris. The bass is the maximum bass. The riffs are the ultimate riffs. The sound aches with perfection. The ensemble roars..."
-Bill Boethius, England

"Solar Maximum's new work has a surrealistic, Eraserhead kind of feel. The music evokes a posterized imagery in black and white with the low-frequency sound. The bass is heavy and rich, and it has the sound of belonging in a David Lynch movie soundtrack.  "Soundtrack: event I uranian fire" brings together psychedelic rock and a gritty ambient sound that is easy to get lost in. 'Uranian Fire' is music you listen to straight through."
-Becca, Fiberglass Jacket Blog

 "I can only say this is absolutely fantastic. Congratulations for the masterpiece!"
-Daisuke Muraoka, Japan

Uranian Fire is available at our Bandcamp store where you can find other great tracks by Solar Maximum, closetLames, PallasCatfight, SMDS and DS Peligro, whose new album Thao's Sunday will be available on vinyl in October here on MCL!
 The best shit is always on Music for closetLames!

Dispatch 42: Ronzo Calzone releases "Citizens of the United States" video

Dispatch 42: Ronzone Calzone guitarist, producer and collaborator with HMS has released a new single video on his Youtube channel via his wordpress site  titled "Citizens of the United States" the track seems to have only a little hint of current events, politics and the American electorate in this year 2016. Take a listen:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Dispatch 41: Solar Maximum's Uranian Fire vinyl LP available July 25!

Dispatch 41: We are very happy to announce that our 1st experimental psychedelic album "Soundtrack: Event I Uranian Fire" will be available on 12" black vinyl Monday, July 25th (around 9 PM Pacific)! They will be available thru our label Bandcamp ( and BigCartel ( stores. Heavy drone! Super limited run of only 143 pieces! They come in hand-printed and numbered jackets and (usually) a cool screen printed 11x17 in. poster insert.
This whole offering, inside and out, was conceived and executed by Heather and me (Sammy) just for you! We hope you enjoy it.
First one down, NEXT!!!
Always on Music for closetLames!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Dispatch 40: Her Majesty theE Spleen - out with 'Assault and Batterie'

Dispatch 40: Its been a little while,  speaking relatively to the Spleen world, since we have heard anything coming from the direction of the HMS collective, but to be sure, when we do, it's always a doozy!
  Never ones to disappoint, we have Assault and Batterie, a slower, drudging track that would have made the perfect soundtrack to a great mushroom trip i had years ago! The track was recorded on a handheld then produced by Phonic theE Bomber.
 Prepare oneself. Grab a seat. Close your eyes and open your mind!
 Whoa! Why is that bunny looking at me with that evil eye? Released thru the bands soundcloud page.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dispatch 39 (Sunday Edition): From an imminent release to 6k bags of Cheetos! MCL happenings.

11x17 Poster insert for Uranian Fire
Dispatch 39: A little update of the lots going on at MCL HQ.

Ready for Imminent Release!
Solar Maximum is putting the final touches on the very limited vinyl 12" version of Uranian Fire, screen-printing the jackets and poster inserts. Only 143 hand numbered pieces will be available thru the MCL Big Cartel store, our bandcamp store and in brick-and-mortars around the SF Bay Area. The digital version of Uranian Fire has been getting some nice reviews so far and we are very excited to finally be releasing the album. Watch here for release date really really soon!

In the mean time, along with rehearsing for a live show debut, Solar Maximum has released another single track titled 'Empires' on our Soundcloud page. Come by and check it out and let us know what you think. Here it is:

Thao's Sunday
We are very, very excited to announce that the DS Peligro album titled Thao's Sunday is off to the presses for an October 2016 vinyl release on MCL. The album was written, recorded and produced by DS himself, curated by Heather and then mastered by Matt Kelley in San Francisco. The album artwork was designed by Sammy (Solar Maximum and MCLscreenworks).
DS is a one man experimental sound fiend. There's no way to accurately describe the genre, or even the time period of his tracks. One has to experience the prolific nature of this man's output to understand it. The passion and vision that come thru consistently are mesmerizing. Check him out!

PallasCatfight has been busy in studio recording and has released a few tracks thru her soundcloud page recently.

 What's Wrong With Me is a rocked up punk song with loud screamin' guitars and an equally loud and bratty vocal! This Pallas track was dug up outta the archives and as soon as it hit the ground it was on the run! Look for a couple more from Heather's archive to surface in the comin' months. 

Friday, May 13, 2016

Dispatch 38: An Informative Song About Birds of Prey - A New PallasCatfight Single

Heather Salazar is PallasCatfight.
Dispatch 38: PallasCatfight, aka Heather, has released her latest single "Seven Modes of Hunting." 
Like the headline reads, it's an informative song about birds.
Self produced and recorded at MCLscreenworks with music by Solar Maximum, Seven Modes of Hunting is yet another in the line of spoken word poetry, delivered in a package of swirling sounds and heavy emotion. A delivery style that leaves some tingling and has been compared at times to Throbbing Gristle. PallasCatfight and Solar Max are working on a spoken word EP for release later in the year.
 The song has been released on Heather and Sammy's Music for closetLames label thru the PallasCatfight soundcloud page and available for purchase at the MCL Bandcamp page.
 Heather Salazar is PallasCatfight and is also one half of "the ultimate drone lords" Solar Maximum, an experimental psychedelic duo with fellow musician and husband Sammy Salazar. Based in the SF bay area city of El Cerrito, Ca., they have been making music and art together since 1995 and have had the Music for closetLames label
since 1998.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Dispatch 37: Phonic theE Bomber Remixes Solar Max! SICK!!

Dispatch 37: In a really cool development from the maniacal mind of artist Phonic theE Bomber comes the sickest remixes of tracks from the Solar Maximum album Soundtrack Event I: Uranian Fire. (The album is available now at Bandcamp for streaming, 12" LP available really soon on black vinyl).
 The psychedelic as f#*k video remixes are totally beyond explanation (just how we like it!) and will certainly "render you susceptible to suggestion!" as Phonic said it. Look out!  Phonic goes all the way on these! They were originally posted to his YouTube page and shared thru his Facbook page.
 Phonic theE Bomber is a musician and visual artist as well as business owner in Oakland, Ca. He is a DJ and a member of the MCL musical collective known as Her Majesty theE Spleen as well as a whole lotta other things. He's an intense and busy man.