Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Dispatch 36: PalaceCatfight/Solar Max Collabo Featured at CaliperMusic Blog Today!

I Know this is All in My Head by palaceCatfight
Dispatch 36: Lots going on these days with MCL artists palaceCatfight and Solar Maximum. They have the featured song at the CaliperMusic Blog today! I Know its all in My Head is the first PCF/SM collaboration track released a few weeks ago thru our soundcloud and Bandcamp pages and features a nice haunting vocal by palaceCatfight over an equally haunting track by Solar Maximum.
 PalaceCatfight is essentially Heather Salazar and friends. Heather is also 1/2 of the Solar Maximum duo so she is all over this track! Nice work, H.
 Solar Maximum have been busy as heck these days making lots of great new friends with these international collaborations, releasing ones with DS Peligro in L.A, Trauma in Germany, the Dali of Guitar noise Bill Boethius in England, Mihaly Wulfen in Budapest, Hungary and palaceCatfight right here in-house. All of these can be heard at our bandcamp and souncloud pages. Come by and check them out if you have'nt already, some great stuff there!
 Its always exciting to see our music featured and we are always thankful for the exposure! Thanks Matt!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Dispatch 35: PalaceCatfight and Solar Maximum release another collaboration!

 "When the Well of Tears is Dry but you're not Finished Crying"- palaceCatfight
Dispatch 35:  Solar Maximum and PalaceCatfight have been keeping busy in studio making a batch of collaboration tracks together and having a great time releasing them thru the Solar Maximum soundcloud page and our Music for closetLames Bandcamp page where you can purchase these collabos as singles. Collect them all!
 The latest work is titled "When the Well of Tears is Dry but you're not Finished Crying". PalaceCatfight is essentially Heather's project (along with various backup players) where she is vocalizing, mostly poetry these days but there is a new 3 song EP in the works for the near future which features Heather singing called Biggest Brat on the Block. Look out for that soon here on MCL. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dispatch 34: Solar Max Uranian Fire LP test pressings approved!

Dispatch 34: The test pressings for the Solar Maximum LP titled Soundtrack Event I: Uranian Fire (MCL343)
have arrived at MCL HQ and have been approved. The album will be available for pre-order soon thru the Music for closetLames bandcamp page. It will be a limited numbered release of approx. 143 copies (rare black vinyl) so get on it before they are gone.
 The LP jackets and poster inserts will be handprinted at our sister screen shop MCLscreenworks. Check back soon for availability.
In the mean time, the digital version of the album can be heard and purchased here at the MCL bandcamp page along with plenty of other cool music from the MCL family! Lets go!

Friday, April 15, 2016

New collaboration and a partial explanation of how we work

Check it out...we just posted this new collaboration on Soundcloud between Solar Maximum and PalaceCatfight, called 'I know this is all in my head.'

 'But wait,' you're thinking to yourself, 'isn't PalaceCatfight Heather?'
  Why yes, it is (she is?).
  'Sooooo, wouldn't this just be a Solar Maximum track?' you're thinking to yourself.
  Weeeellllll, not really, and here's why...

Solar Maximum is a middle-of-the-night channeling of the sounds, songs, and signals of the cosmos. It is Sammy and Heather but beyond Sammy and Heather. It is beyond thought, beyond a way, it's out of our hands. It has a purity that we don't. HA. It has balance - Sammy and Heather in equal proportions. And so, if the mood strikes to add anything to this cosmic collage, we call it a collaboration. Conveniently, we both have musical alter egos (Sammy is closetLames, Heather is PalaceCatfight).

Yeah yuh!

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sunday Edition vol. 5: UFO's and EDM

[For your Sunday afternoon reading and/or viewing pleasure, we present vol. 5 of THE SUNDAY EDITION at Music for closetLames. A bit of this, a bit that, maybe art, whatev's. May include contributions from friends, associates, accomplices, not to exclude detractors, and maybe even us sometimes. So, kick back and dig in...]

Page 1: One of our favorite true accounts of UFO's in our airspace. Cant get much more official disclosure than this!

Page 2: A fantastic artist we are having the pleasure of working with and together have a collaboration EP in the works. Trauma hails from Osterrönfeld, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and does some interesting EDM/electronic music. take a listen.

Friday, April 1, 2016

Dispatch 33: New Solar Maximum single Devils Thrill (Moments1&2)

Dispatch 33: Devil's Thrill is the psychedelic and transcendental new single by Solar Maximum, our resident stoner jam-heads and their brand of minimalist riffage, once called a metal haiku. The track comes in at just under 14 min, so prepare yourself right, get comfortable, sit back and enjoy. The relaxing will come when you close your eyes and let the Devils Thrill fill ya. Come on, it won't hurt ya. It feels good to let the music flow right thru...anyway you dig it, we hope you do...

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Dispatch 32: Solar Maximum interview on Bay Area Band Show podcast!

Dispatch 32: Solar Maximum is the featured interview this week on Steve O'Sullivan's podcast called Bay Area Band Show released at iTunes.  We went over to his place in San Mateo, sat in front of the mics and talk for a bit about what we do and kinda how we do it. He plays some music off the new album as well as the single Circular Logic. Thanks Steve, we had a blast.
 He's always interested in talking with musicians in and around the bay area, hit him up at